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August 15, 2019

Making Cannabis More Accessible: Pre-Rolled Joints!

Pre-rolls can be a valuable accessibility tool for users with disabilities or illnesses. Know more about it here!
Deidre Olsen
Making Cannabis More Accessible: Pre-Rolled Joints!

There are many reasons why rolling a joint can prove challenging. It’s a skill that requires time and patience to achieve. It’s not uncommon for people to skip learning out of sheer frustration and choose other ways to consume cannabis, be it via a pipe, bong or vape. But rolling a joint is also hard for people with access needs. Conditions like arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can render joint rolling near impossible due to pain and discomfort. This is why pre-rolled joints can prove incredibly accessible for everyone. With the advent of pre roll machines, now blunt smoking is an option for every cannabis consumer.


Pre-Rolled Joints for the New or Casual Consumer

Learning to roll a joint as someone new to cannabis or who smokes on a casual basis can be extremely daunting. Figuring out this skill can take some people years. If you want to enjoy a blunt, visit your local dispensary and invest in a pre-rolled joint. You’ll likely have different strains to choose from in this form that fit your needs. You can skip the frustration of trying to construct your own joint from scratch altogether. If you have your own cannabis, be it medical or recreational, try out a pre-rolled cone. Pre-rolled cones are easy to fill with any cannabis. Just twist the end and you’re ready to light it up!


Pre-Rolled Joints for People With Accessibility Needs

People young and old can have accessibility needs when it comes to consuming cannabis. The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include numbness, pain, tingling, hand weakness and cause those affected to drop objects. Arthritis sees inflammation of the joints, stiffness, swelling, redness and warmth. Hand tremors are found in a range of neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes, traumatic brain injuries and Parkinson's Disease. All of these conditions make it hard for cannabis consumers to roll joints, which is where pre-rolled joints and cones come in handy.

Conditions that cause cannabis consumers to have access needs when it comes to rolling joints are more common in older adults. However, many young people experience the same symptoms. The existence of pre-rolled blunts allows everyone, no matter their ability, to enjoy one of the most quintessential cannabis experiences. Cones, whether filled or empty, lower the bar for entry by providing access for people with less steady hands. Everyone should be able to experience the feel of lighting up joint paper and enjoying a long inhale and exhale. Plus, patients with these conditions or others might be looking for an easy way to enjoy their medical cannabis!

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