We make pre-roll cones using modern tech.

We are a North American manufacturing company using proprietary automated technology to manufacture cones and rolling paper products. Our goal is to provide the lowest prices and the highest quality custom and unbranded rolling paper products.

Custom cone manufacturing

TCF (Total Chlorine Free)

Quality assurance

We manufacture custom pre-roll cones using automated proprietary technology.
The implementation of modern manufacturing techniques ensures competitive pricing and reliable quality.

All of our paper is made without any type of chlorine. TCF paper is much less harmful for both consumers and the environment.

We follow over 30 documented and validated operating procedures (GMP). Quality assurance package and lab tests available upon request.

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Bulk Custom Cones (x800)

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Custom Cone Cartons 84mm

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Custom Cone Cartons 109mm

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Bulk Unbranded Cones (x800)

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